Executive and Conflict Coaching Solutions

Are you a highly capable, accomplished supervisor or manager... but know you haven't realized your leadership potential?

Do you struggle with ANY of the following:

  • Having difficult conversations with subordinates
  • Fully capitalizing on your staff's talents and gifts 
  • Reacting again to the latest crisis during your workday
  • Delegating work without hesitation or guilt
  • Communicating clearly so subordinates know exactly what needs to be done
  • Getting the support and resources you need from higher-ups
  • Putting in too much time and only seeing moderate results

You are in the right place for...

Learn how to...  

  • Lead with impact and influence
  • Hone the skills you need to be effective
  • Communicate with clarity and confidence
  • Plan and manage change
  • Preempt & resolve conflict diplomatically and effectively
  • Navigate the political dynamics of your organization
  • Become the Best LEADER You Can Be!


The Results:  

Strong Leadership Equipped to Handle 21st Century

                         Challenges and Demands



"As my coach Patty kept me focused on the big picture while never letting the details slide. We were able to make headway toward my long-term goals, and determine alternative routes to reach them. Patty's professionalism and attention to detail were critical elements in my making significant progress. "  

~~Ph.d Public Affairs Specialist with Federal agency


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