What Our Clients Say



  • Thought Leader | Organizational Development Consultant | Leadership Developer 

"Patty has and continues to demonstrates just how special she is by sharing her values and helping others through thoughtful professionalism and a genuine caring attitude....Her formula of value added is easily seen through her preparation, listening skills and the ability to facilitate predictable outcomes. Patty is a great Coach!



  • Supervisory Scientist

"I have come to understand that a great Coach can lead you to discover insights about yourself and build a deeper understanding of how one can more effectively deal with circumstances in daily life at work or home....Patty has a wonderful way of speaking gently into the challenges or concerns that ....has helped me to see things differently and have some “ah ha” moments which can be a real revelation."



  • Executive Recruiter

"Patty is a consummate professional. As my Business Coach she has prepared me for our meetings with questions that drill down to what my real needs are at that particular time...."



  • Executive and Leadership Coach, Facilitator, and Trainer

"Patty has an extensive background of knowledge and skills that support her ability to be a coach who empowers and challenges her clients towards their own levels of success....Patty is very conscientious about individualizing coaching sessions and following the agenda identified by the client. I have found her insights to be valuable and her ability to champion my efforts to strengthen my resolve to accomplish my goals."









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