Meet Coach Patty


I am Patty Maples. Thank you for viewing this website.  

You are probably wondering why you should decide on coaching or choose me as your coach.  


May I share to help you with this important decision?

I know what it's like to work in public service, to start a new business, to deal with difficult bosses and disgruntled employees. It’s challenging, demanding, frustrating. You're dealing with different personalities, varying agendas, and constant demands. Top that with funding cuts, budget problems, too few resources. And when things are going better, you deal with critical projects being dismantled or redirected, again. You are often left with subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle discord!

With over 25 years of Federal human capital expertise, a master’s degree in conflict resolution and counseling, and certification from the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach, I feel confident that I can help you navigate your life’s path and soar in your job, in your business, and in your life, with less stress, and with newly discovered  enthusiasm for this chapter of your life.  And having worked in multiple prestigious Federal agencies and as an independent entrepreneur, I know what it takes to accomplish substantive, meaningful goals. 

If you’re like me, you know what is truly important – to make a difference in people’s lives.  It’s what servant leadership is all about.  It’s living your values, inspiring others to fulfill their dreams.  It’s what gives meaning to the trials, struggles, and routines of everyday reality.  It’s living authentically!  You can live this way, too!

Specializing in conflict coaching, I also work with individuals, businesses, and organizations that want to move from an adversarial to a collaborative position in dealing with workplace and/or personal disputes and differences.  Weaving the principles of appreciative inquiry with hands-on tools and concrete steps from the Comprehensive Conflict Coaching (CCC) Model in each coaching session, I listen, validate, and facilitate the creation of a positive, customized strategy that will help you resolve differences and move forward towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.

Because of the safe, caring, and compassionate space that is created together, you are able to dig deeper and discover answers for yourself that earlier had eluded you, and ultimately, achieve personal, professional, and organizational success!      

Allow me to partner with you to develop your skills and those of your employees, increase your employees’ engagement, deal effectively with change and conflict, and create a culture of leadership and success in your organization.  Let's work together to achieve your goals!

To your success!


And, just to let you know I was one of the top 11 winners in the Coaches Console Bootcamp 2016.  I also serve as a Coach with BetterUp, an organization serving high performers and emerging leaders in the corporate world.

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